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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

No creative titles, no witty banter - I've been reading all about this truly horrible event and how many bloggers have been doing astounding amounts of reporting and research. I'm not even going to pretend I can match the level of effort these people. Just a brief run-through of places to go, things to read.

Hurricaid blog is the clearinghouse for a lot of Hurricane Katrina-related information and charities to donate through.

Wizbang, period. Paul is riding this entire thing out down in New Orleans, and updates whenever he can with new information (God bless him).

Michelle Malkin has tons and tons of stories out of NO, from looting to stories of heroism and bravery.

Radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt has been coordinating with NZ Bear (of The Truth Laid Bear blog and ecosystem) and Glenn Reynolds (the Instapundit) for Blogger Relief efforts (which has been expanded into the Labor Day weekend - I'll likely be donating a bit of money to some of these wonderful causes). Check out the TTLB Katrina Relief page for the blogs, donors, and charities listed on there. If you are so compelled, donate or participate by blogging - even $20 can go a long way.

Video game gurus and cartoon duo Gabe and Tycho of are putting up an original piece of artwork on an eBay auction, with all proceeds going straight to the American Red Cross. As of this posting, it is up to eight hundred and ten dollars ($810). Truly wonderful stuff. Their Child's Play charity is something to bookmark for revisiting around the holidays - they do astounding amounts of work for children in hospitals.

I'll make every effort I can to get back and post a lot more on the ongoing efforts to restore life back into the afflicted areas

Sunday, August 28, 2005

*Wham* *Wham* *Wham* *Wham*

A truly dumb story out of Dallas, Texas (with a hat tip to Say Anything) has a Dallas school board voting 5-4 on a resolution that requires adminstrators in the system to learn Spanish or risk losing their jobs. The reason?

To better communicate with immigrant parents.

First and foremost, I have to admit that this is completely lost on me. Immigrants are getting a message that English is optional in Dallas, because we force our administrators to talk to you in your native language, or we'll can their ass. What happened to the idea that integration meant that the immigrants, not the natives, learned the language of their new country, and not have the natives speak to them in their own language?

This lowers the bar so far down to the ground it's ridiculous - the (legal, legal) immigrants should be learning English, not our school administrators learning Spanish. Otherwise, what is the point of emigrating to this country, where the native language is (still!) ENGLISH. It isn't sensical to require an administrator to bend over that far backwards to accomodate someone who is unwilling to learn the language (or well-practiced in it, for that matter).