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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Non-Stories and the Guys Who Bring 'Em Up

Oliver Willis has jumped onto this non-story (with more here) about Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich's recent fundraiser at a "racist" golf club. By "racist", Oliver and others are inferring that, because there are not any registered black members at the club, there must be a policy that forbids them from joining.

They completely ignore the fact that there is no such written policy, and club members have testified to the fact that many black golfers have played and dined at the club.

Something that would, you know, not happen if it was as racist as they made it out to be.

Then comes the usual pap from the likes of Kweisi Mfume about how he can "seek candidacy in the Senate...but cannot seek membership in this club." If you read between the lines, it never once occurred to him to actually, you know, try to become a member - it just makes good political fodder to pretend that you're a victim. The matter probably never even came up until liberals started having a shit-fit over it. Not to mention the fact that several Democratic figures, as well as those in high positions in the Baltimore Sun, are members or held fundraisers there - where is the criticism for them?

Oh, wait, that would mean having to apply a fair standard - something that has yet to happen by the Baltimore Sun, Oliver Willis, or the entire Democratic Party in the state of Maryland. How silly of me.