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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Shoe on the other foot?

Well, now that I'm back from a (mostly) enjoyable vacation, what say we get into the swing of things? Bill at INDC Journal links to a Democratic Underground thread that rips into one of their own, the Daily Kos blog. Apparently there are some that are up in arms over a BlogAd on his site featuring two women from the TV show "Real Gilligan's Island" wrestling each other covered in whipped cream, and Kos' response to their outrage being rather, well, unsympathetic.

Apparently, nonchalance was the way wrong thing to adopt in his response, because these guys are incensed over there. Apparently the feminists have left the site in droves (or so it is claimed) and some DUers are swearing off the Daily Kos entirely, as if this is something he did on purpose. In a way, I sympathize with Kos - now he knows how some of us feel when we have to put up with people looking for things to get pissed off about, just for the sake of being pissed off. Nobody likes having to walk on eggshells, 24/7, and just live in a constant fear that someone, somewhere, is going to go all batshit crazy on you because you stepped out of their line. Plain ridiculous - Kos runs that blog on his own time and money, and he is free to pursue what ads he thinks will generate revenue to fund his website. As Kos would point out in his post on the whole fracas, if they hadn't made such a huge deal out of it, he'd likely wouldn't have had nearly as many click-throughs for that ad.

Think, guys! THINK!