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Friday, May 27, 2005

A Second Helping?

Just a little post-E3 post...posting. There's an enormous Carnival of Gamers to be read, with one post completely in tune to how I feel about Nintendo. I know that I just have to have something up for the next go-round - this could be really fun to do regularly.

In fact, it gives me an idea as to what I'll post next...

More (hopefully) later.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I think I'm losing my marbles here - when the hell did I think it was OK to trust John McCain to serve the interests of the Republican party? Bumbling, wishy-washy morons just handed control over to the Democrats in this entire(ly unwatched by America, apparently) situation by essentially rolling over and letting them define the entire debate over judicial nominees.

What did the Republicans get in return?

Cloture on three nominees (Owens, Brown, and Pryor), and up-and-down votes for them. Votes, I'm sure, passed through easily. Votes they would have passed anyway if Senators weren't so damn busy stroking their egos and did the job they were elected to do. Two of the others at the center of this debate, Saad and Myers, don't get that same treatment. That's to say, there's no agreement for cloture for them - something that, as Ace notes, essentially means they won't get it, not now not ever.

The wording of the agreement says that Democrats will not filibuster except under extraordinary circumstances meaning (if you read between the lines) damn well near anything is fair game. Don't like their tie? FILIBUSTER! Brown eyes? GET THE RAT BASTARDS! The "leadership" in the GOP just let the Democrats define who is an extremist and who isn't, so now the business of the Senate and President is hamstrung by these people who couldn't come up with rational reasons to vote down someone except for veiled assertions of some past evil doings. Nothing substantiated, of course, or even put into proper context for that matter - it was all good enough to start filibustering over nothing. What makes this worse, as PowerLine notes, is that this is a free pass for the Democrats through the 2006 mid-terms - they may just get their chance of picking up more seats, effectively giving them more leeway to muck up Senate business. Republicans, meanwhile, validate the Dem's "right" to filibuster and will not change the rules until the 110th Congress, should the matter arise (and it will, rest assured).

Frankly, the only ways that this can turn back to the Republican's favor is if they pick up seats in 2006 (which is possible, but they may just maintain parity) or if they break the terms of the agreement. Meaning, the nanosecond the Democrats do the same (as they are going to do, no two ways about it), the deal is effectively "off". None of this "take the high road" or "respecting the spirit of the deal" horse manure - it obviously doesn't work when you deal with people that are just as willing to take their ball and go home than to make any binding sort of agreement. Republicans have to realize that they're going to have to get their hands dirty if they're going to get work done, this whole idea of "moving on" is just giving the opposition license to act like fools and not respect their role to advise and consent - none of this advise, filibuster, obstruct, and generally loaf about garbage that permeates the current minority in Congress.

This just defies sanity, and is the epitome of idiotic deals done by any two parties on the planet. I can only hope they muddle their way back to a path that lets them get their agenda through, like they're supposed to.


Scared Monkeys has an enormous round-up of reactions to this deal, from the left and right. Good stuff. LaShawn Barber and Michelle Malkin have more. WuzzaDem nails how McCain is behaving perfectly.

What is aggravating is that the seven "moderate" Democrats of this group (why Robert Byrd is being called a moderate is beyond me) are now the official litmus test of extremism in judicial nominees. If they think they have to filibuster then, by God, they're gonna have to filibuster - after all, these travesty-of-a-joke "moderates" know best! The seven moronic "Republicans" (who I will never acknowledge as sane, rational human beings ever again) have basically given the Democrats carte blanche for holding up all the affairs of the Senate. They're making judicial mountains when it should be just hills to climb, making what is a simple process into something so mind-bendingly absurd that it defies common sense. These "Republicans" just ran for cover under the crap-flingings of a bunch of winged Senatorial monkeys, when they should have just shot them down and get them to behave themselves.

The Senate has slipped that much more out of Republican control today, and I can't say I feel anything but contempt for their incompetence. This started as a very simple thing - give the nominees an up or down vote and, if you have the votes to do it like you claim you do, vote them down. Obviously, the filibustering proves that they don't, because it should be a slam dunk to vote down the boogeymen extremists we keep hearing so much about. The stalling finally paid off when the Democrats only had to give up three candidates and could otherwise go to town on the other seven, unencumbered. The Republicans could have sliced the Democrats like a hammer for their obstructionism and blatant stalling, but instead just rolled over. Unbelievable.