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Friday, September 23, 2005

When Politicos Attack!

Just a quickie update to my post from Wednesday. Michelle Malkin has weighed in on the subject, and links to a Washington Post editorial that essentially shakes its finger at the DSCC for fraudulently possessing Lt. Governor Michael Steele's credit record, but then takes a moment to remind us that Republicans do bad things too - referencing the infamous incident with President Nixon's "Plumbers" and the wiretapping of a Democratic party building in Virginia.

First and foremost - that foolishness happened thirty years ago and, while shameful in its own right, that stuff is long since in the past. Get over it.

Secondly, this lunacy that the theft of someone's personal financial information, strictly on the basis of smearing Michael Steele for having (God forbid!) debt, is somehow just a sign he has arrived in "big-time politics" is just that - lunacy. If I have my credit information stolen and used maliciously, have I arrived in "Big-time" Politics/Stardom/Blogging-Punditry? No, frankly, I haven't. This bizarre idea that it is public acceptance that we let this go as "Capitol Hill politics" drives me insane. When is it "politics" and when is it a flagrant violation of the law that transcends "political need"?

The DSCC had no business going through his finances, and yet we're supposed to just lay back and accept it as politics? God, who would want to be in the public sector if you frequently ran the risk of having your credit report illegally obtained and then used against you?