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Sunday, August 28, 2005

*Wham* *Wham* *Wham* *Wham*

A truly dumb story out of Dallas, Texas (with a hat tip to Say Anything) has a Dallas school board voting 5-4 on a resolution that requires adminstrators in the system to learn Spanish or risk losing their jobs. The reason?

To better communicate with immigrant parents.

First and foremost, I have to admit that this is completely lost on me. Immigrants are getting a message that English is optional in Dallas, because we force our administrators to talk to you in your native language, or we'll can their ass. What happened to the idea that integration meant that the immigrants, not the natives, learned the language of their new country, and not have the natives speak to them in their own language?

This lowers the bar so far down to the ground it's ridiculous - the (legal, legal) immigrants should be learning English, not our school administrators learning Spanish. Otherwise, what is the point of emigrating to this country, where the native language is (still!) ENGLISH. It isn't sensical to require an administrator to bend over that far backwards to accomodate someone who is unwilling to learn the language (or well-practiced in it, for that matter).