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Monday, August 08, 2005

A News Icon has Died

Just received the news that ABC News anchor Peter Jennings has lost his battle with lung cancer. He will be missed, to be sure.

Today should not be a day to analyze his impact on the Mainstream Media, or what he should/not have done in his life - it is way too soon to judge. My sympathy and condolences go out to Peter's family, and I wish them well.

Michelle Malkin, as always, has a roundup of reactions from across the web. I will, likely, be back later this afternoon or evening with a more thorough response to this very sad event.

Rest in peace, Peter.


Apologies, I will not have much of an update forthcoming. Many people have written far better responses than I could have, and the Trackbacks alone in the link to Michelle Malkin's blog easily captures the gravity of the event. It is truly sad to have anyone pass away from cancer, and I can only imagine it was magnified ten times by the public stature that Peter Jennings held. Best wishes with the family.