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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rappin' about Terrorism

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this story about a TSA baggage screener who was fired for, get this, rapping about terrorism. In a positive manner.

This guy's lyrics include everything from rapping about kidnapping and murder, overthrowing the government, and flying planes into buildings (sassy!). Naturally, he is quick to move to the tired line of how it was all about marketing and how he was fired because he was an Arab and this other tired horse manure that we hear so much about. His lame excuse about how he keeps his music and his job separate might have worked if he wasn't in a job where he was responsible, in part, for the safety and security of airline travelers.

What floors me the most was how unapologetic he was about it - the article ends with a quote from him essentially saying that, while it was unfair of Americans to label "all" Arabs as terrorists (no, just the ones that support it, sparky), he was going to play along with his "character" of a suicidal Arab. Classic, stereotypical "dumb rapper" jive - its almost as if Hollywood wrote it itself.