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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Snuffing Out Justice for Terri

It is truly sad to see this happen, but it looks like Terri Schiavo's family is out of judicial options.

What really disgusts me out of this whole thing was that, frankly, they were never given a chance in the first place. It was this horrible, disgusting lurch towards the repugnant idea that Michael Schiavo knew what was best for his wife (he clearly doesn't, and has a HUGE conflict of interest), and that Terri had a "right to die". Damn everything else, Terri Schiavo has a right to die! Forgive me for being rude, but what a load of crap. I can't believe that it didn't enter the judge's head, for a second, that Michael Schiavo was clawing a little too hard to remove Terri's feeding tube, considering what he stood to gain from her death. The judge in this case somehow believes that there was "clear and compelling" evidence that Michael's assertation that Terri didn't want to be kept alive by artificial means, when that "clear and compelling" evidence is hearsay! That's all it is - hearsay! Michael Schiavo is the only person contending that Terri doesn't want to be kept alive this way, and he's not exactly the most trustworthy source to go from. I'm just floored that a judge could be that blinkered in their way of thinking.

This decision comes after Michael Schiavo rejects a $1M offer to turn over Terri's care to her parents, effectively sealing the deal on Terri's fate. I can only hope the Florida state legislature can get another billed passed that will prevent Terri from being without that feeding tube for too long. I also really hope it survives judicial review this time, because I want to see Schiavo squirm for this. This is an abortion of justice, and I don't think people are going to stand around and watch this happen.

Wizbang gets another hat tip for the story. You can be sure that the entire country will be watching this one today. I'll probably be back later today to update again, hopefully with some good news.

You can also read more thoughts and links at Cao's Blog, Rightwing Nuthouse, and Cathouse Chat. (*These blogs have updated with further links and context*) I'll be sure to add more later on, as I'm sure many others will be weighing on this subject.

My prayers are with you, Terri.


Patriots for Bush has their own thoughts. The Anchoress reveals something I had not known before - Terri has never had an MRI or PET scan since her "fall", Michael has denied access to that particular avenue of research. Very fascinating, and not at all surprising considering the kind of care Michael has been providing. As such, the Crystal Clear blog and I are on the same page in our suspicions. WuzzaDem and the Captain's Quarters are also on the case, taking to this story with some serious verve, obliterating a lot of myths surrounding this entire story. Hugh Hewitt also weighs in (you will have to scroll down a little bit to find the bit, where he links to a National Review article that is, in a word, chilling).

The blogosphere is, as you can see, all over this story. The conventional wisdom is that, if Terri's Law II is not passed by the Florida State Senate (it made it past the House) and signed into law, Michael Schiavo should be forced to sit there and watch his wife die. I feel that isn't going far enough. I want Judge Greer in there too, I want them locked in, and I want them to have nothing but their thoughts about what they've done for company. Oh, and no food or water. If they're not driven completely mad about the abominable things they've done, then they're complete lost causes and should be put away like a rabid animal. I loathe those two with a passion that defies description. I know I'll be rooting for the people who actually know the law (the Florida state legislature) to win this time against this renegade judge and this despicable husband.

Here's hoping.

*UPDATE 2 - The feeding tube has not been removed, by order of Florida Circuit Court Judge David Demers, pending review of the case. I could buy this man lunch!*

Michelle Malkin finally, finally!, weighs in on the subject at her blog, linking to an NRO article and an AP report about Congressional efforts to stop Terri Schiavo's feeding tube from being removed, and to get to the bottom of this whole deal. What a relief.

*UPDATE 3 : The Better-Late-Than-Never Update*

As you are probably well-aware of now, the feeding tube ended up being removed after an appeal reaffirmed the original ruling. I am just updating this post to reflect that fact so that linkers to this post will have everything up to par.