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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Ray of Hope?

OK, call me a damned liar, but I just couldn't ignore this story. News has broken today that the 11th Court of Appeals will open another hearing to the Schindlers - this time with them taking up the argument that previous rulings only acted to re-confirm if the law was applied correctly to Terri's case, as well as arguing that none of the courts looked at whether the "clear and convincing" evidence was, in fact, all that clear or convincing. This news comes after Terri has spent nearly 13 days without food or water, and the Schindlers are hoping that a restraining order will be issued to order the feeding tube re-inserted while the court considers the case. The pessimist in me is saying that this will be yet another fruitless motion, but the optimist is giddy with the idea that the evidence is finally being looked at with a fresh set of eyes instead of rulings re-affirming the application of law to Terri's case. I'm holding out hope that something will be done here.

Meanwhile, CBS manages to burn itself with another fake document's story, by publishing Terri Schiavo's obituary (despite her being, you know, not dead and all). It's wonderful to see how far-reaching their scope of knowledge is at this moment. Dumbasses.

Wizbang has a little round-up of Terri Schiavo news and commentary here.