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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Partisan Politics and Saving Lives

Well, it officially happened - political squabbling has come to a head in the Terri Schiavo case, and is definitely not pretty. House Democrats are forcing debate on the issue, which starts at 9PM EST, with a possible vote as soon as possible after midnight tonight. Ace points out, quite rightly, that the Democrats are taking a decidedly (in my opinion) wrongheaded tack in dealing with this case, and how they can probably better themselves as a party than appearing as the party that says "No", or over-eager to yank out Terri's feeding tube. Naturally, this debate makes it yet another day that Terri is without food or water, much to many people's chagrin.

Paul at Wizbang is incensed.

The Blogging, Part-Time Airman is incensed.

Megan of Lesbiencestmoi is incensed.

A lot of people are ticked off about this - what can be accomplished by ignoring our humanity to quibble about how we go about and save a life? Or, for that matter, let a runaway judge decide the fate of a woman by ordering that she starve to death?

This is way too simple of a decision to make - let the woman live, or prove with finality that she is otherwise dead. Don't make her die just to fulfill one end of that spectrum. Humanity is way more important than political wrangling, and it is in-hu-mane to starve anyone to death. Show some backbone, guys, and get behind a cause because its right, instead of quibbling over who else is involved.


John from WuzzaDem has a post detailing Terri Schiavo's medical records, something I had quite often raised in my comments to this thread over at Ace of Spades, but neglected to post here. Something I intend to fix right now. Take a look at WuzzaDem's main page for his own great posts on the subject as well, not just the one in the link.

Also, there are two posts by Paul over at Wizbang, one live-blogging the floor debate and the other a continuation of his earlier rant. Let's just say that he is on an absolute tear.