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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Mob Mentality and Terri Schiavo

The case of Terri Schiavo continues to spiral round and round some sort of horrible carousel of politics, where Paul at Wizbang notes an effort by radically liberal bloggers (*cough* Oliver Willis *cough*) to snuff out the future of an otherwise-healthy woman. Their reasons, in my opinion? They don't like a (Republican) Congress getting involved to save a woman's life, or the fact that they're trying to change the venue of the Schindler's appeal so that they have a fair chance at making their case in a federal court, because they sure as hell can't get one with that pig-headed Judge Greer in Florida. Boo-goddamn-hoo, you crybabies. Get over yourselves and stop treating this as though Terri Schiavo is a completely lost cause. She clearly is not, and you pretenders would otherwise be SHRIEKING from the rooftops the injustices her husband has done to her if it were politically expedient for you. You only start wailing about threats to democracy when you're not the ones doing something like this in front of a television camera. Grow up and spare me your whining bullshit.

What is being done to Terri was a total injustice - she received no treatments for the illnesses she developed while hospitalized, she received no tests that could aid doctors in treating her and improving her condition, she has received exceptionally little in ways of therapy, treatment, or overall care. It is not right to treat her this way - we treat animals better than how some people are treating Terri Schiavo. Give her the food, give her the water, and give Terri a chance to live. It's the biggest part of the Constitution, folks - the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not "the right to die because my spouse has an epiphany after a lucrative settlement and that TOTALLY doesn't play into his sudden change of heart and, like, junk and stuff". She deserves a chance and deserves treatment, just like every other human being. I could have sworn that was a big tenet of liberal progressive thinking - you know, treating everyone's life with respect.

I'm starting to think that some people are out to prove me wrong.


Not related to Terri Schiavo, but I feel it is important enough to mention here. I have (finally) updated the blogroll on the right to reflect the great blogs I have linked to on numerous occassions but never got around to adding to the blogroll. With that fixed, I must say that ALL the blogs on that blogroll are great blogs to read, and come highly recommended. Do give them a look.