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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Who Tolerates Whom?

Day by day, there is always, always someone griping about how the Democratic party didn't thoroughly stomp George W. Bush and the Republicans back in the November elections (or even before that). It almost always follows with excuses about how they had run a "weak" candidate or that it was always someone else's fault (Karl Rove!), but it was never their fault. The leftward blogs like to portray themselves as sources of tolerance, whenever they're not censoring out someone who might actually defend someone right-of-center in their comments section because, Heaven forbid, they may actually have a reasoned point.

Wizbang has thoughts on the subject, dealing with why (at least, from a more right-leaning point of view) the Democratic Party keeps ending up with the short straw in elections. It's not just about "weak" candidates, it's about candidates that can't draw people to their side. The Democrats found out to their horror in the mid-nineties that they don't have a monopoly on the majority vote. Instead of working on a platform that re-emphasizes the things that had made them winners in the first place (the enjoyment of democratic values and liberty for all), they instead try the sole tactic of demonizing the competition. Naturally, they continually find out that that isn't always going to work. Instead, they let the Republicans eat their lunch by (usually) behaving on a higher standard and pushing their ideas to the front, criticizing their opponents for relying more on smear tactics than espousing public policy ideas of their own.

Within Wizbang's post is a link to the lefty blog The Daily Kos (which I adamantly refuse to link to, as it's just too distasteful and juvenile to qualify as linkable), where there is a prime example of why some of the absolutely vitriolic rhetoric will not allow the Left to win elections within the post "I'm a Republican : F-ck You". Instead of arguing in an arena of ideas, the kind of people that make up the public face of the Democratic party instead rely on writing things that are roughly on the level of a thirteen-year-old's idea of "slam poetry". It's just juvenile, and a complete waste of time.

The left need to start accepting the fact that they're not in control of the national debate, and need to work on finding ways to take away the mindshares of the Republicans with more diverse and cogent arguments. They need to stop being the party that says "No" for everything because, as they stand now, they don't even have the political wherewithal to do much about it anyway.