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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Partisan Journalists Throw Softball Questions?! Horrors!

In a desperate attempt to get a "Gotcha" moment much like bloggers did over Dan Rather and the fake memos on CBS news, hard-left blogs like Atrios, DailyKos, and others are all over a story about an allegedly-partisan journalist serving up - get this - softball questions at White House press meetings! What's this? A partisan serving up softball questions to someone on their side?! Say it isn't so!

The journalist in question, James Guckert (aka Jeff Gannon), had asked a loaded question of President Bush about working with Senate Democrats, qualifying it by describing them as appearing to "be divorced from reality". Mr. Guckert/Gannon worked for The Talon news service before resigning, and was the registrar of several provocatively-named, gay-oriented websites (despite not being involved in any of them, reportedly). The story appears in the Chicago Tribune. Naturally, the resulting kerfluffle over the entire thing was cause for him to resign from The Talon in the interest of protecting his family.

I, and I'm sure many others, find ourselves of the same opinion of Little Green Footballs, Power Line, Wizbang, and others (with Ace of Spades having a few funny posts here and here - the second one not being for the sensitive) - that is, we greet this sort of news with a resounding "Meh." OK, so he used a different name in publishing on the Talon (he used his actual name for his daily press credentials), was decidedly less concerned with "Gotcha" questions and grinding axes for press conferences (i.e., manufacturing news instead of reporting it) and registered several gay-oriented websites as part of his job with a software company. I fail to see how this is at all important or anywhere remotely offensive.

Seriously, if this is something that liberal bloggers are going to seize upon as groundbreaking as they claim it is, we're going to need more teacups for them to have more tempests in.