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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Even FRUITS are in on the conspiracy!

I read this on Wizbang this morning and I just fell over, howling with laughter.

Short version - a woman at one of the marches led by the Rev. Jesse Jackson to commemorate Martin Luther King's birthday took serious offense to the sight of a police officer eating...a banana. Yes, a yellow, tubular piece of fruit.

Apparently, she took the officer's eating of this vile, evil, racist banana propaganda to be something akin to comparing black people with apes. Perhaps it would have been back in the days when Martin Luther King and others led rallies and marches in the South, but lets be serious here. Nowadays, you have to be patently obvious in your racism to actually be, well, racist. Eating a banana after spending hours on end on your feet is hardly something that someone could (or even should) make a quantum leap in logic to infer that action as being racist. It's just not feasible, and yet somehow this woman did.

Hell, I enjoy eating bananas - they're great in smoothies or on ice cream. Lots of people enjoy bananas because they taste good and are good for you. It strikes me as peculiar that this never crossed this woman's mind that way, instead seeing it as a racial slur. It's just hysterical that it happened that way.

Some people need to get a life, and quick.