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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Creative? I think not.

It's just so wonderful to log on to the internet and read stories about how yet another kid (this one in Rhode Island) thinks they're making a statement by equating President Bush with Adolf Hitler. It just smacks of originality...only it doesn't. If you click the link at the top of the post, you can read all about how this 17-year-old kid thinks that our policies involving Iraq have similarities to the German Blitzkrieg over sixty years ago. The stretch is so gossamer-thin, it's not even comprehensible. If that's all he was trying to convey, he's doing a miserably poor job of expressing the point. The "exhibit" features comparative quotes from the President and Adolf Hitler, Nazi swastikas and American flags, as well as plastic soldiers facing off against each other.

Naturally, the kid gets awarded for his expressive display, with his teacher giving him an A and also receiving the Silver Key from the Rhode Island Scholastic Arts Awards. Meanwhile, people are (understandably!) concerned that he's receiving all this attention for yet another tacky display, with the basic argument being that he could've gone a lot further in clarifying his point (or could have presented a more cogent, sound argument). Michelle Malkin has more.

It strikes me as disingenuous that this kid claims he supports our troops but doesn't think we should have removed Saddam Hussein the way we did (even after the Iraqi elections), saying the war was unjustified. Meaning, enforcing UN resolutions from the past twelve years before the invasion isn't quite enough to justify removing a madman who also regularly kills and maims his own people, usually for sport or imagined infractions. Last time I checked, the United States was still a pretty big supporter of democracy and human rights, something Saddam Hussein thought he could flout and violate UN resolutions, sanctions, and programs.

What ever happened to kids making art that was actually interesting for a change?