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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Circling the Drain in Baltimore

As a Maryland native, I frequently get to hear the Democratic Mayor of Baltimore, Martin O'Malley, blast everybody (except for, noticeably, himself) for preventing him from doing his job and serving the people of Baltimore. Anybody with enough synapses firing would eventually figure out that he's so busy blaming everyone else, he can't do his job.

So, naturally, it shouldn't come as a surprise he tries to blame his long-time political rival, Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich for recent troubles arising from rumors over him having an extramarital affair. O'Malley, it should be noted, would blame Ehrlich if he were to stub his toe. As it turns out, it was a long-time state employee that had been spreading those tasteless, harsh rumors, without the Governor's knowledge. The Governor found out, and promptly demanded a resignation and public apology (read: totally fired the guy - this is just a pleasant way of putting it for the press). Martin O'Malley is putting such a brave face on this whole ordeal, he just wants to "get back to serving the People of Baltimore".

So how is it "serving the People of Baltimore" when you go out and recklessly shooting your mouth off, and compare President Bush's budget proposal to the 9/11 attacks? Over at Power Line, they are of the opinion that O'Malley is reflective of the Democratic Party's inability to see the threat of terrorism for what it is. I'm not entirely sure I agree. To be sure, calling a budget proposal something akin to a terrorist attack is an idiotic, reckless thing to say - something Martin O'Malley is exceptionally well-qualified for. But O'Malley is representative of the kind of person who doesn't turn their brain on before they open their mouth. His myopic view of the world is indeed disturbing, and he's in fairly good company within factions of his own party, but I don't think you'd see as many Democratic mayors being so mind-bendingly obtuse and saying such things. At least, not if you had any plans for running for Governor, like O'Malley is expected to be announcing relatively soon. Michelle Malkin (which you can also access through the Power Line link) has a great roundup of quotes of other bloggers on the subject.

It is indeed bothersome that public officials are allowing cameras to capture them saying these things, especially when they're in a political minority. The trick isn't to dig a deeper hole to keep yourself in - you have to start finding a way to climb back out.